Marketsking is an effective and innovative binary broker that has been able to penetrate the market worldwide. They have incorporated almost all the vital aspects of binary trading that traders are looking for.

Moreover, Marketsking has advanced technologically, the best example being the automated trading which increases a trader’s chances of making handsome profits.

Marketsking is, undoubtedly, one of the best brokers that have been in the market for a long time now.

MarketsKing review – special features

The best special feature traders in this platform get to enjoy is the proprietary trading. Others features include;

Those who use the standard account get to start with a deposit ranging between $250 and $999. You will get a one on one trading, an e-book for learning on the areas that are still a challenge to you, bonuses as well as being able to access reviews on the site written by other traders.

The premium trading account requires that you deposit $1000 and in return you will get an account manager, free tips for trading, 2 well explained strategies and a mobile platform so that you are able to trade from wherever you are as long as you have their installed their app.

The platinum account requires that you make a minimum deposit of $5000 and above. The account also comes with the trade of the day display, an account manager, free trading tips and a mobile access.

Besides these features that you get from the different accounts, you also get text messages giving you tips on the best trading techniques. This information usually helps the traders in getting smarter in their trading, which is one of the reasons of using this broker.

MarketsKing review – trading software

This is a platform different from what you normally get in the market. It is fast and efficient. You will be able to see the payouts and the expiry times on the screen so that you can conduct your trade in an informed manner. You will also be able to take care of the risks that you are likely to encounter in the trade hence you have better chances of making higher profits. There are also tips that are for everyone to see on how to conduct a successful trade.

Additionally, there are different types of trading expiry times, the least being 60 seconds.

When trading with Marketsking, you will also be able to buy more time. This is when you want to extend the trade time anticipating that you will get higher profits in the next session.

MarketsKing review – customer support

Marketsking is among the brokers that are highly credited for having outstanding customer care services. You can get in touch through the phone, email or live chat which is available on the site. The customer support team is available 24/7. It is also essential to keep in mind that the services are available in English, Arabic and Russian languages.

Moreover, Marketsking gives a demo account in order to basically get a feeling of how it would be working with them. This is very important.

The customer support team will be with you every step of the way, whether you are using the demo account or the real account.

MarketsKing review – banking information

All your money is safe with this broker. There is a wide range of money transfer procedures that are accepted and they use the latest technology in ensuring that everything goes as planned and there is no chance for theft. The minimum deposit allowed by Marketsking is $100 which is quite affordable, something which points to the reason why this broker has attracted many traders over the years. In the event that you start off with over $1000, you will have to verify your account information for security purposes. The maximum amount that you can deposit is $5000. 

  • All nationalities are accepted
  • Numerous withdrawal and deposit methods to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service

  • Not regulated
  • Money transfers takes too long: 5-7 days


Marketsking is the best broker that you can choose to work with, though they are not regulated. Marketsking is also safe, secure and they are able to deliver exactly what their customers want.
9.7 Total Score

Marketsking is the best broker that you can choose to work with, though they are not regulated. Marketsking is also safe, secure and they are able to deliver exactly what their customers want.

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